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Mr. Augustus W. Cheh

Partner (Asset Management)

Mr. Augustus (Augie) Cheh was Named Executive Officer (NEO) of Janus Capital Group and President of Janus Capital International with 30 years of experience in asset management and investment consulting. The first 15 years of Mr. Cheh’s career was primarily based in the U.S. focusing on hands-on management of institutional and mutual fund portfolios, consulting, and asset liability advisory. The latter part of his career was spent predominantly overseas where he managed all international distribution, as well as core infrastructure functions across U.K., Continental Europe, and Asia Pacific including Japan and Australasia.


Mr. Cheh was a FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) CF3 Chief Executive in the U.K. for all European legal entities and their business activities for Janus Capital Group worldwide. He was SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) Responsible Officer in Hong Kong for regulated entities in Asia including Japan, Australia and New Zealand. He has in-depth understanding of risk management, corporate governance and compliance in both developed and emerging markets having managed IT, Finance, Operations, HR and Internal Audit at various times. Mr. Cheh has extensive working experience with US ’40 Act funds, European UCITS legislations and AIFM Directive in their investment and management, operations and distribution.


Mr. Cheh received his MBA and BSc in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. Mr. Cheh was a practicing actuary (ASA) until 2003 in the U.S. and an active U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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